Which event was watched by the biggest proportion of the global population?

Which event was watched by the biggest proportion of the global population?


Ignoring the introduction of President Obama or the Beijing Olympics opening service – the event and a way superior to the rest is Live Aid.


Organised in London and Philadelphia in 1985, the notorious gathering pledges occasion was watched by almost two individuals in each five all over the world.


While the possibilities of another Live Aid are genuinely remote, the 40th commemoration in 2025 appears to be a decent chance to do exactly that.


Considering that, we investigate why Live Aid 2025 would be the best open door for four groups to swagger their stuff on the huge stage.


Desert spring


There has been minimal live loss among Noel and Liam Gallagher since the band’s scandalous split before a gig at a Paris celebration in 2009.


In spite of this, scarcely a year goes by without theory coursing that Oasis could reunite for no less than one exceptional execution.


While Liam infrequently seems, by all accounts, to be available to the thought, Noel has been unequivocal about his longing at absolutely no point ever to proceed as Oasis in the future.


Be that as it may, rejoining for an oddball gig, for example, Live Aid 2025 could be the ideal stage for the couple to put their disparities aside and give their fans what they need.




With regards to groups who know how to put on a fabulous act, you would be hard pushed to see as any better than Devon triplet Muse.


The band played two legendary gigs at Wembley Stadium in 2007 and have the presence to feature a significant worldwide occasion like Live Aid.


They were the superstars at the new Isle of Wight Festival, with their intergalactic stone wowing the huge crowd.


The British band performed at the Live 8 France show in 2005, however they without a doubt have the right to feature an immense worldwide music occasion.




Dissimilar to the Gallagher siblings, every one of the four individuals from American musical crew R.E.M. stayed on great conditions following their split in 2011.


Notwithstanding this, lead vocalist Michael Stipe has more than once demanded that the band ‘won’t ever rejoin’, running the expectations of millions of fans around the world.


Stipe has asserted many groups reunite for the cash, yet the four-piece are in the lucky place of not expecting to do that.


On that premise, there is by all accounts no great explanation for why they couldn’t change for a cause gig. A huge number of fans chiming in to ‘Everyone Hurts’? Get it going!


Fate’s Child


In the wake of ruling the R&B scene recently, the three individuals from Destiny’s Child left in fiercely contrasting professional ways.


Kelly Rowlands and Michelle Williams both partook in some accomplishment as solo craftsmen, however their accomplishments were generally eclipsed by Beyonce.


Love her or disdain her, it can’t be rejected that Beyonce has thrived as an independent entertainer since Destiny’s Child disbanded in 2006.


The gathering have performed together a few times since separating, however partaking in Live Aid 2025 would irrefutably be on another level.


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