Choose your panty as per necessity

Women may not pay much attention when they are buying their panties. But they are going completely wrong here. Panties deserve the most importance in a woman’s wardrobe. This is because; they can form the foundation of one’s entire look as they come in different shapes and sizes.

But how should one choose panty for girls and know that they are buying the right one for their figure or the outfit they are going to wear? For this, one needs to have a very clear idea about the different styles and varieties which are available.

Types of panties to choose from

Here are some major styles and designs from which one can choose depending on their purpose:


This style of panty offers more coverage than a thong but they cover fewer areas than a hipster does. As this sits below the waist, it can allow one to wear chic low rise pants quite comfortably. There is a wide range of colours to choose from and one can always find a match that fits the outfit.


A hipster panty can provide a lot of back coverage just like the full briefs. This can also provide the comfort of boy shorts and the low waistline of bikinis. This is hence an ideal innerwear which one can get for daily use.


They are stylishly invisible and the thong offers the least amount of coverage. It also eliminates any chance of visible panty lines. So, if one is planning to wear a fitted dress to a party or a date, them the thong can be the ideal choice for them.

Boy shorts

This style of panties offers full coverage to one’s hips and sides. It also covers the upper thighs. These panties can bring a certain degree of shaping in one’s figure. They are great for everyday use and can be easily worn under a skirt or a dress which has flares.


A Brazilian panty sits on or below the waistline and offers less coverage than a bikini panty but more than a thong. This is a good choice for women who want less coverage at the back but also do not want to wear a thong.

Full Brief Panty

This panty offers the highest coverage as it extends up to the back and a waistline that usually sits above the belly button. Considering the amount of coverage, it can also offer mild shaping benefits to the sides and the tummy. A full brief panty is very comfortable when it comes to fitting and it is the perfect choice if one wants to wear them for extended time period.


It is true that visible panty lines can ruin the entire aesthetic of one’s outfit. If one chooses a vanish panty then it becomes easier for them to wear a fitted dress.

So, when one is choosing a panty for them, they first have to decide on the purpose. It is also a good idea to stock up various styles for use.


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