What To Consider The Next Time You Choose A New Gaming Console


What To Consider The Next Time You Choose A New Gaming Console

Like Super Bowl predictions and other data that you use to influence your next investment, the process of choosing any gaming gadget is no different, as there are numerous aspects to also take into consideration. When buying your next gaming console, plenty of competing factors are at play, and this is before we begin including the additional bits concerning your personal preferences. 


A lot goes into making that final decision on which console will offer the best gaming system for you, so we’ve narrowed the highlights to seven points that we believe you should keep in mind.  

What To Consider

The Price

The first thing to consider is the price of the gaming console that you intend to purchase. A lot of the time, console manufacturers like Microsoft and Sony sell their consoles at no profit but then make up for the loss through their services and games. It doesn’t look like their way of doing things will change, so you shouldn’t expect any significant price increase each time there’s a new successive generation of consoles. For this reason, take the time to compare different console prices and look into their variants. 

The Specs

The next thing to consider is the specs, which means looking at what the developers do with the software and hardware to make their games unforgettable. If you find a console to have flaws in its specs, like perhaps finding insufficient storage space or an underpowered CPU, this could affect your gaming experience, especially in the long run. So, take careful consideration at looking into things like:

  • CPU, RAM, and GPU
  • Networking features
  • Connectivity
  • System storage
  • Audio output
  • Expandable storage
  • Extended storage


The Games

Game libraries are arguably the most important aspect to consider when you’re about to choose your new gaming console. This may be challenging to gauge since a console’s games library gains quality over time. But the trick is to look at all the launch libraries to next-generation consoles to see if they suit you and look at each console’s presentation at events and unique showcases. 

The Designs

Aesthetics aren’t the most important aspect to look into; however, even with gaming consoles, having a cool and unique design to one is a bonus. This also includes looking at the dimensions. For instance, with the ninth generation of video games, the market saw a lot of bulky designs with the PS5, which made many players gravitate towards the Xbox Series X/S simply because of its practicality. When you look at Valve and Nintendo, you see that their consoles look smaller than that of Microsoft and Sony. However, they still take the lead because their hybrid and handheld nature makes them able to serve different design objectives. 

The Features

Games consoles have evolved tremendously over the years to ultimately become these all-in-one entertainment systems. Always look at what the features that your new gaming console will offer in the area of gaming and non-gaming. When we talk about gaming features, we’re talking about the general UI, unique console features, and system settings you can customize. In the area of non-gaming features, you need to ask yourself questions like:

  • Can my games console play Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming services?
  • Can I browse the internet while using it?
  • Is there anything else I want to do with the gaming console besides just playing games?

The Services

What different services does your new gaming console provide? You have the standard subscriptions that cater to streaming games and online gaming, but assess any unique perks that the subscription will give you. This could include special discounts, free monthly games, cloud storage, and more. 


With each generation of new consoles, you’ll find that it now has unique, new, and improved services. Consider the perks and drawbacks of each service and then make a final decision based on that. 

The Controller

Gaming is evolving in every way possible, and gaming controllers are no different from this change. A suitable controller will always help make your gaming experience as immersive as possible. Compare controllers for next-gen consoles by looking at the specs like their features, shape, adaptive triggers, build quality, haptic feedback, and button layout. These aspects may not sound important; however, they can make that much more of a difference. 


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