What Are Some Gadgets That Should be Accessories to Play Madden?


What Are Some Gadgets That Should be Accessories to Play Madden?

Having games with an accessory makes the game a lot more enjoyable and memorable. Why would you play Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii without having the steering wheel accessory attached? It just doesn’t make sense. The National Football League loves branding, and they are missing out on a potential way to make some more money by adding some gadgets to enhance the Madden NFL video game franchise. 


The NFL odds have been on fire this season, and now is a chance to make some serious cash by getting involved in the action, and then you can buy Madden with some of your profit.

A Football Controller

Why the heck have we not had this implemented into the game? Having the ability to have a football accessory to be used like a Wii controller seems like an easy way to make Madden have a different feel, as you can control the strength of the throw by how hard you throw the football controller that is attached to your wrist, so it does not go flying. 


Making it a companion game controller should be a slam dunk no-brainer here as it adds a new wrinkle to the game of Madden. They can even make a mode specifically using it as almost a revamped career mode using it. The controller could have buttons so you can decide what player you are throwing the ball to, and the strength that is thrown will dictate the air distance and the accuracy of your passes as you develop. 


The odds of seeing something like this included in next year’s Madden game is slim but looking for great Vegas NFL odds is easy as you can get up-to-the-minute odds in a single click from your device to make some great football bets throughout the entire season. 

Virtual Reality Mode

This is something that, with the available technology, feels like something we are getting closer and closer to. Madden considers itself to be a simulation video game franchise, and virtual reality would be an incredible feature to allow players to feel like they are inside of the huddles and make the quarterback audibles themselves throughout the game. You can enjoy the game as much as the experience of checking NFL lines using VR.


This could be used as a head coach type of mode, or even if you were to player lock a position and become an elite cornerback or a stud running back, finding the openings that your offensive linemen are able to create. This would be an extremely popular mode in that you can have a football helmet with a visor that becomes the playing screen and makes it a lot of fun to add to the playing experience. 


This also helps as people want to get more exercise as they are constantly moving around and having a blast doing so. This is something that can even be more of a companion app instead in the game itself or have it as its own separate game mode compared to the rest of the game and let it be on an island. You can have it like a Superstar KO mode in the game where the computer players are doing their part, and you are your created player attempting to make plays on both sides of the football. 


There are a lot of reasons why the Madden franchise needs some new ideas like this, and not a lot of answers as to why they have not included newer things to keep the game fresh and exciting. There are a bunch of other gadgets that they can include in order to make that version of the game feel fresh and exciting, especially with a new generation of video game consoles in the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. 


What are some accessories or gadgets that you would like to see included in the next iteration of the Madden franchise?


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