20 Food Items of Pune That You Must Try in a Lifetime

20 Food Items of Pune That You Must Try in a Lifetime

When you are in Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, you ought to start with its food culture. And what better can be an option to enjoy Pune cuisine than ordering it online and enjoying it from the comfort of your home? Look no further, as you are at the right place. Too eager to skip the long waiting time? Well, now you can order food online in Pune and get it delivered to your doorstep within 45 minutes, thanks to Swiggy. 

We are here with a list of 20 food items, which will make it easy for you to place an online order of food in Pune. 

Popular dishes to try in Pune  

1. Vada Pav: This is a vegetarian dish comprising a bread bun sliced in the middle and a deep-fried potato dumpling stuffed into it. When you order this dish online in Pune, be assured of being provided with extra churra that you can add to your vada pav to enhance its taste.   

2. Misal Pav: This is a sprouts curry that is topped with sev, onion, chillies, coriander, and lemon juice. You can choose your misal to be too spicy or else go for the milder gravy versions.   

3. Bun Maska: A mixture of butter and cream is known as maska, and when you spread it on a slightly toasted bun, you get bun maska – a popular dish invented by the Irani cafes. This goes very well with a hot cup of tea.   

4 .Patti Samosas: The speciality of these samosas is the thick casing which is very crisp and non-greasy and has an adequate amount of stuffing.  

5. Sabudana Vada: It is a deep-fried snack made with tapioca pearls, potatoes, herbs, and peanuts, made in the form of fritters. When you order this dish online in Pune, you will get cool cucumber yoghurt, and thecha chutney will go very well with these vadas.  

6. Chutney Sandwich: This is a popular breakfast option in Pune where a chutney of green chillies, coriander, and mint is prepared and then it is used as a filing for the sandwich. 

7. Mango Mastani: This is a popular thirst quencher that is prepared with mango pulp and cold milk. A dollop of mango ice cream is added to the mixture, and voila, the mango mastani is ready to be served! 

8. Bakarwadi: You are not allowed to leave Pune without trying out Bakarwadi, which is a traditional crispy, deep-fried sweet and sour snack in the shape of discs. 

9. Pav Bhaji: With its roots in Maharashtra, this dish has become one of the most popular dishes in entire India. It comprises soft bread rolls that are pan-toasted with butter and served with a thick vegetable-based curry. 

10. Bhel: It is a savoury snack made of puffed rice, which is tossed with vegetables like onions, green chillies, coriander, boiled potatoes, and tamarind sauce to give it a crunchy taste.

11. Dabeli: Traditionally a Gujarati dish, but it is quite popular in Pune and is considered one of the must-haves in Maharashtrian cuisine. It is a spicy, tangy, and sweet potato filling inside a bun, which is drizzled with a sweet and spicy chutney. 

12. Paneer Pav Bhaji Dosa: The traditional dosa is given a twist where the stuffing is replaced with paneer pav bhaji masala. The sambar and the coconut, and mint and coriander chutneys will be packed with the dosa when you order this dish online in Pune. You must try this dish if you are an ardent lover of South Indian cuisine and also like experimenting with your food.  

13. Poha: This is a popular Maharashtrian recipe which is consumed as a breakfast option. It is made of flattened rice, herbs, and spices and has a sweet and tangy taste.  

14. Pitla: It is a spicy gram flour curry that is served with rustic traditional bread options like jowar roti, along with a spicy meal. This is a complete meal in itself, and you can order this when you are in the mood for comfort food.  

15. Akkha Masoor: This dish is a Kolhapur-style flavourful and nutritious delicacy that is prepared with whole dark-skinned lentils.  

16. Kathi Kebab Roll: Usually a north Indian dish, it is quite popular in Pune as well. A stuffing of mutton, coriander, green chillies, and onion is put on a parantha, and then it is rolled and served with chutney.  

17. Chicken Shashlik Sizzler: Chicken tikka is taken a notch higher with this recipe, and it is served with tandoori chicken on a bed of spicy onions and peppers.  

18. Nutella cheesecake: A spin to the cheesecake, you must try this dessert when you are in Pune. This creamy, airy, super-silky cheesecake is often based on Oreo crust and topped with Nutella ganache.  

19. Sajuk Ghee Dum Biryani: Biryani lovers will fall in love with this version of Biryani, which is a mildly spicy dish. It is available in both chicken and mutton variants. The combination of aromatic rice and well-marinated, tender meat pieces will surely give you a foodgasm!  

20. Maharashtrian Thali: How can we finish the list without the mention of Maharashtrian thali? This thali comprises phulka or bhakri or poori, koshimbi, which is the salad, chutney, a vegetable curry, papad, pickle, and a dessert. A speciality of Maharashtrian thali is that the salt and the condiments are placed at the 12 O’clock position on a round plate with the salads and snacks on the left side of the plate.  

So, foodies, when you are in Pune and not in the mood to cook, you know the list of the food items that you can gorge on. You can order food online in Pune via Swiggy. Trust us when we say this – you will miss out on a lot if you do not try these gourmet food dishes. Refer this food guide whenever you are running out of ideas when thinking of placing an order for food in Pune.

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