9 Styling Tips and Ideas for Wearing Women’s Mules


Does the thought of wearing high heels, even for an hour or two, make you uncomfortable? And yet, you don’t want to miss out on the fun at the next party or an enthusiastic reunion? You might love the idea of pairing comfy loafers or mules with your party wear. With mules, you do not need to choose between style and comfort – you can enjoy both. 

Women’s mules are known for providing all-day comfort while helping you stay fashionable. Unlike heels, say goodbye to soreness or pain, as mules and loafers are made of soft leather (or other materials). Mules are perfect for summer and you can wear them every day at work or during casual dining, without feeling any discomfort. 

The summers are here, and it’s time to pull out your mules and slides from the wardrobe. If heels don’t go well with your personality, a pair of comfy mules can be the best option to upgrade your regular outfit. No more fears of embarrassing slips on the roads or coming home with painful sores! Let your feet breathe during the summer months and give you the confidence of walking down the streets. 

What are Mules?

 Women’s mules are slip-on style shoes with an open back exposing the foot’s heel. Although mules look similar to loafers, the backless design is missing in the latter. This specific backless style makes the shoe easier to slip your feet in and out. 

Mules are an elegant type of footwear that can be your go-to shoes. If you have your mules on, unlike the other ladies with high heels or stilettos, carry yourself with pride and say no to pretentious fashion trends. Spread your positive vibes and love for footwear. Mules carry a royalty symbol amongst all other show categories. 

Mules come in various shapes and styles, such as heels and flats. The size of heels can also vary, ranging from shorter heels to longer ones. Depending on your comfort level and personality type, you can decide the height of your mule heels. 

Moreover, mules can be found in different materials, including velvet, leather, or suede. And some party wear mules are designed with embellishments as per the latest fashion trends, such as elaborate embroidery, bows, embedded rhinestones, buckles, and more. 


Top 9 Styling Tips for Wearing Mules

Mules and loafers are tremendously versatile; they can team up well with literally any costume – be it your regular or business casuals, office formals, or your grocery shopping carefree look. Therefore, you hardly need any tips to pair them up with your outfit. However, here are some tips and ideas to style your loafers, slides, or mules to glam up your attire. 

Go for the timeless look!

Try complementing these backless shoes, especially the solid black ones, with a trench coat and straight pants or chinos. This would add sophistication to your overall appearance and render a smart casual look. You can carry this outfit at your workplace or even at the afternoon get-together. 

Pair it up with a midi skirt!

Mules would go unbelievably well with tights and midi skirts, especially during the colder months. Carry an oversized blazer or coat to keep yourself warm. While teaming up mules with midi skirts or tights, choose the opaque tights. In this case, try going for closed-toe mules to hide the seams that often show up in open-toe mules. 

Choose the Right Fit

Mule heels for women are extremely comfortable and breathable if you get the right fit. In this case, we advise you to focus more on the straps and the surrounding area. The best-fitting straps will ensure your feet don’t slip off or fall out due to loose fittings. 

Take the trouble of finding the right fit – it is a one-time investment. Keep your feet measured once every year, or right before you go shopping for footwear. Surprisingly, feet size changes with time, especially after having some serious illness, weight loss, during or after pregnancy, or other major life changes. 

Heeled mules can add extra height!

We know many of you might not be comfortable with heels, but with heeled mules, you can still experience the comfort factor. After all, we all love to add an extra inch to our height while going to a grand party. Club your open-toe mules, either a midi or a maxi dress, to create a stunning and elegant look. 

Shop for the right material.

While buying mule heels, choose the material you are comfortable with or that suits your outfit. Mules are available in diverse materials, including leather, velvet, silk, suede, etc. Whether a particular material is suitable for you will depend on how you are styling them and the comfort level you want. 

For instance, if you wish to create a more traditional look for an upcoming festival, go for velvets, silks, or even leather. These materials are considered symbols of premium fashion and luxury. Besides, nobody can ever go wrong with leather. Leather is also the most classy, luxurious, and sophisticated material that can fit perfectly well with all kinds of outfits. 

And if you want a tinge of culture and tradition, go for the handcrafted mules, like the embroidered ones or the hand-painted shoes. Handmade shoes and accessories have a special charm and elegance, which one cannot deny. 

Club it with a trendy jumpsuit

To create a trendy and appealing look, wear your flat mules with a wide-leg jumpsuit for that much-needed baggy and airy look for the summer months. You can also team your block-heel mules with a casual dress or denim jacket. 

However, mules are not reserved for jumpsuits and denims. You can even team them up with a party wear sari, business formals, and even at your own wedding! In other words, from boardrooms to weekend outings, mules can go anywhere! 

 Pairing with dresses

You can wear the sleek designed women’s mules with mini or midi dresses. It immediately upgrades your look, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. 

A pair of solid black, white, or tan brown kitten heels can look best with the summer midi dresses. And if you have a gorgeous pair of black satin mules, pair it up with white mini skirts. 

Besides, pantsuits and dress pants are some must-have bottoms for every woman’s wardrobe. Be it for a casual day out paired with tees or a formal office outfit, the right pair of mules clubbed with other accessories, like complementing or contrasting handbags, jewelry, etc., can team up well with your pantsuits. 

Create that chic look!

Grab a pair of elegant straight-leg dress pants. Straight dress pants clubbed with clogs and stylish mules can create a stunning chic appearance. Alternatively, you can go for a fitted bodysuit, in contrast to the high-waist, loosely-fitted linen pants. This look will definitely give you a more relaxed look and feel, while still rendering the chic mien. 

Slide in your mules with sweatpants and joggers

Another brilliant and smart way of teaming up your flat or loafer mules is to wear them with casual joggers or sweatpants. Although it will create a contrasting look of the funky casuals vs. the serious formals, it will take your fashion sense to the next level! And if you carry the look with an elegant solid-colored leather handbag for women, you will make your girlfriends go crazy! 

Final Words

Being extremely versatile, mules can make them work with anything, saving you time to choose the right accessories and shoes for your outfit. From the refined look, you can go down to rugged casual mules to suit your specific outfit and styling trends. So, without waiting any longer, grab your favorite pair of mules for the next outing and glam up your regular outfit! 

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