Where To Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Before asking where to get testosterone replacement therapy, one should have a thorough knowledge of testosterone. They should know what testosterone is, what function it performs in the male body, and why one needs testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone is a type of hormone produced in human beings. Even though this hormone is also present in female bodies in small quantities, it mainly functions in the male body. In males, this hormone is produced in the most amount in the testicles.

Testosterone performs important functions in the male body. Testosterone helps maintain sperm production, bone density, sex drive, fat distribution, red blood cell or RBC production, muscle strength, muscle mass, and body and facial hair in males.

The production of testosterone increases when a male reaches puberty. Thus, it boosts their muscle mass, hair growth, sex drive, etc. However, after a certain age, the production of testosterone in a male starts decreasing. Thus, after the age of 30 testosterone levels starts to decline in men. Every year after 30, testosterone production declines in men by 1%. 

However, apart from aging, there could be other reasons for declining testosterone levels as well. One such reason is a health condition called hypogonadism. 

Hypogonadism is a health condition in which some problem occurs with the functioning of the testicles or the pituitary gland of the person. This problem in functioning causes the testicles to produce insufficient amounts of testosterone in the person’s body. However, this condition can be resolved with TRT or testosterone replacement therapy.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels

A decline in testosterone levels in a male has various side effects. These side effects act as symptoms that indicate low testosterone levels in a person. Some of these side effects are emotional changes, sexual changes, and physical changes.

When a male has a decreased level of testosterone, there is a decline in his confidence and motivation. Low levels of testosterone can make a person feel depressed, upset, or sad. It can also cause them to forget things or have difficulty concentrating.

Low testosterone levels can also hamper the sexual health of a person. Low T causes a reduction in the sexual desire or sex drive of the person. It can also reduce the frequency of spontaneous erections that a person usually gets during sleep or in the early mornings. In some cases, it can also lead to complete infertility in men.

Physically, low testosterone can make a person feel tired and lousy. It can also increase the amount of fat present in the person and decrease their muscle mass and strength. Apart from that, low T can also affect the bone density of the person negatively.

Low testosterone can also cause tender or swollen breasts in men referred to as many boobs or gynecomastia. Apart from that, it can also lead to severe hair loss in men.

If a person experiences one or more of these symptoms, they might ask where to get testosterone replacement therapy. However, it is advised to go for a blood test before undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. It is because one can check their testosterone level through a blood test.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

Testosterone replacement therapy is performed on men who want to increase or enhance their testosterone levels. This therapy is beneficial for men who suffer from low testosterone levels or hypogonadism. It is because this therapy can effectively reverse the happenings of these conditions.

Testosterone replacement therapy also improves sexual function in men and makes them feel younger, more energetic, and more vigorous. This is the reason why some men choose to undergo testosterone replacement therapy even after being completely healthy.

In testosterone replacement therapy, the patient is given artificial testosterone that can imitate the functions of natural testosterone in their body. A person can intake artificial testosterone through several media. Artificial testosterone is available in various forms like gels, injections, skin patches, capsules, etc.

Artificial testosterone gels are directly applied to the patient’s skin. These gels get absorbed in the patient’s skin and enhance their testosterone levels. Generally, these gels can be applied to the abdomen, shoulders, or upper arms of the patient.

It is always advised to cover the skin after applying testosterone gel. It is because the gel can transfer to another person’s body if they come in physical contact with the patient.

Injections of artificial testosterone contain testosterone cypionate. It is a powder that is mixed with other medical ingredients to make an injectable solution. This liquid is injected into the gluteal muscle of the patient with the help of an injection.

Skin patches are also popular in testosterone replacement therapies. These skin patches contain artificial testosterone. When applied to the patient’s skin, the testosterone gets absorbed into the body.

Generally, new skin patches are applied after every 24 hours. These patches are applied to the patient around the same time every day to ensure optimal results. The patient is not allowed to remove these patches before 24 hours.

Some doctors also prescribe artificial testosterone capsules during testosterone replacement therapy. These capsules are usually made from methyltestosterone. 

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