The career of Thomas Waymark

Thomas Waymark, an English professional cricketer of the 18th century, likely born in June 1705 in or around Mitcham, Surrey, is among the earliest known players in cricket history. Currently you can visit if you want to wager on players of the modern sport.

His cricket career is sparsely documented, but it is believed that he played during the 1720s. Waymark gained recognition in 1730 when a match between the teams of his patron, the Duke of Richmond, and Sir William Gage was postponed due to his illness. At 1xBet you can also wager on everything that happens in other cricket matches too.

Waymark was known for many things, with 3 examples being:

  • his cricket prowess;
  • his dexterity;
  • and his agility.

All of this was notably apparent back in 1729 at Penshurst Park, where he played for Gage’s XI and contributed significantly to their victory.

Playing many important matches

By the 1740s, Waymark had transitioned to working as a miller at Bray Mills in Berkshire under Mr. Darvile’s employment. You can go to the website – your cricket bets online can be made on modern English competitions too.

Despite his occupation, he continued to participate in cricket matches, featuring prominently in games during the 1744 season. Notably, in June 1744, he played for London against Slindon and later represented an England XI against a Kent side at the Artillery Ground. Right now, your online cricket bets can also be made at 1xBet on the English national side too.

A great winner

Waymark was renowned as a single wicket player and engaged in high-stakes contests, including matches against esteemed players like Tom Faulkner and Joe Harris. In 1748, he and Robert Colchin emerged victorious in 2 doubles matches, each with a prize of 50 guineas. Waymark’s last documented matches occurred in July 1749, where he participated in a series of single wicket “fives” matches against Addington. There is a cricket bet live on that can be made on modern matches of this sport too.

Known for his exceptional agility and skill, Waymark’s batting and bowling techniques remain somewhat elusive. It is unclear which hand he batted or bowled with, but he was praised for his abilities. During his era, cricket was played with underarm bowling and curved bats, and defensive techniques were not yet developed. Waymark’s career, although relatively short-lived in recorded history, left an indelible mark on the early years of cricket, contributing to its evolution and popularity in England. A live cricket bet on 1xBet is always available, and it can be quite profitable if done on English cricket.

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