In 2023, 4rabet is the most popular sport betting site in India.


General Information

A popular online sports betting site in India that offers a broad range of sporting events for users to wager on is called 4rabet. The business was started in 2015 by two young businesspeople with the goal of giving Indian bettors a cutting-edge and practical way to wager on their preferred sports. 4rabet has grown significantly over the last five years and now has millions of Indian clients.


The website provides a huge variety of major leagues, competitions, and tournaments along with hundreds of various sports betting markets. Customers can wager on a variety of sports with 4rabet, including tennis, cricket, football, and horse racing. Along with a wide range of betting options, 4rabet also offers live streaming options so that customers can watch their preferred sporting events as they are occurring. 


The superior client service offered by 4rabet sets it apart from other online sportsbooks. Customer service representatives are on hand around-the-clock to quickly address questions and requests made via phone, email, or live chat. Modern encryption technology guarantees the highest level of security for customer data and funds during all transactions. 


For both new and returning customers, 4rabet provides a number of bonuses. When new users join up on the platform, they can receive deposit bonuses of up to 50%, while logged-in users can benefit from cashback offers or participate in weekly promotions for special rewards. 


Due to its commitment to consistently delivering high-quality services that go above and beyond for customers, 4rabet has established itself as one of India’s most dependable online betting platforms.

Official website

The main website of 4rabet is a cutting-edge, user-friendly platform created to offer clients a seamless online sportsbook experience. The website’s user-friendly navigation system enables visitors to locate the sports and betting markets they’re looking for with ease. The website has also been optimized for the best user experience across all platforms and was built with mobile first design principles. 


The 4rabet homepage serves as a landing page that provides details about forthcoming live events as well as an overview of their services to visitors. Users can obtain comprehensive data about each sport from this page, including odds and in-depth previews. Promotions & Bonuses, Support, Cashier, Casino Games, and Live Casino are additional parts of the website. 


Each part includes useful information to help customers navigate the sportsbook process while giving them full control over their betting choices. For instance, the Cashier section enables users to make secure account deposits using credit cards and e-wallets, and the Support part details how to get in touch with customer support if they have any questions or problems. 


Customers who want quick deposits, secure transactions, and accuracy when making bets will find what they’re looking for on the official 4rabet website, which is created to provide a pleasurable online betting experience. All bettors will be able to quickly navigate through the website’s various sections without any difficulties thanks to its user-friendly design.

Account registration and verification process

On 4rabet, registering and passing account verification is a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes to finish. 


  1. Visit the 4rabet website and select “Sign Up” from the menu in the upper right of the screen. 
  2. Enter your contact information, including name, location, email, and phone number. 
  3. The terms and conditions must be accepted before creating a login and password for your account. 
  4. Your account will be established once you have finished these steps, but it must still be verified before you can start placing bets. 
  5. You must present identification documentation, such as a passport or national ID card, as well as documentation of your location, like a utility bill or bank statement, in order to have your account verified. 
  6. Your account will be completely verified and available for use once all paperwork has been submitted and received the team of experts at 4rabet’s approval.

Mobile app

Customers can access the sportsbook on their cellphones and tablets with 4rabet’s mobile application. The app offers users a simple-to-navigate interface that makes placing bets while on the go a breeze. It is accessible for both iOS and Android devices. 

One benefit of the 4rabet mobile app is that it makes it simple and fast for users to place wagers. Customers can now simply and quickly make bets via the app rather than being confined to their desktop or laptop computers to do so. The app also provides push notifications for approaching events, ensuring that users never pass up fantastic chances. 


The 4rabet mobile software also gives users access to special promotions and bonuses and keeps them informed of all the most recent news in the world of sports betting. Additionally, users of the app can access their account balance without going to the website or cashier area. 


For the 4rabet mobile software to function on the majority of contemporary devices, the system requirements are iOS 10 or higher for Apple devices and Android 5.0 or higher for Android devices. Due to national laws and regulations, it should be mentioned that some features might not be accessible in certain nations.

Payment Methods

Players can put money into their accounts using safe payment methods by visiting the Payment Methods section of the 4rabet website. In India, e-wallets like Paytm, RuPay cards, and UPI transfers are some of the most widely used payment options.


  • Customers can send money straight from their bank accounts using UPI payments without incurring any fees or waiting periods. Customers can rapidly fund their gaming accounts using UPI payments by simply entering their banking information.
  • Debit and credit cards known as RuPay are provided by the National Payments Corporation of India. (NPCI). Most businesses in India accept these cards, which give customers a safe method to transfer money online.
  • In India, electronic wallets like Paytm are also very popular and give users a quick and secure method to transfer money. Customers only need to sign up for a Paytm account, fund it with money from their bank account or debit card, and then use that amount to make online purchases of goods and services. Customers can now transfer money into their 4rabet accounts without concern for security threats, which makes the process very simple.

How to make a deposit

If you’ve never funded a sum on 4rabet before, you should begin by logging into your account and selecting the Cashier tab. When you get there, select the “Deposit” button to see a list of accepted payment options. There are many choices available, including bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and others. Enter the amount you wish to deposit after selecting the payment option, and then verify the information. Funds may be credited instantly or may take up to a few days based on the payment method you select and the financial institution involved.


In some circumstances, you might need to present specific documents to prove your identity and enable effective deposits. This is carried out in accordance with local laws and regulations and for security purposes. If providing these documents is necessary for your first deposit, you can do so simply through the Cashier section. Typically, this is only asked for once—during the initial payment. You will have access to your account balance, which can be used to wager on 4rabet, as soon as all pertinent information has been accepted and verified. Always check ahead of time to see if there are any limitations that might affect how much money can be deposited at once because different payment methods may have different restrictions attached to them.

Bonuses and Promotions

Indian bettors can make the most of their experience at 4rabet by browsing the promotions and bonuses area. They provide a variety of incentives, including free bets, bonus codes, cashback deals, and more. These bonuses are intended to help Indian customers get the most out of their betting activities and are specifically catered to them. 


The Cashback Bonus is one of the most well-liked bonuses among consumers in India. With this bonus, players can recover a portion of their losses over a specific time period, up to a maximum sum. For instance, if you wager on cricket matches for a month on 4rabet and lose a total of Rs. 50000 during that month, you will obtain Rs. 5000 back in the form of cashback. 

The Sign-Up Bonus is another well-liked bonus offered to consumers in India. This bonus provides players with an incentive when they first register with 4rabet by adding extra money to their account total at that time. This can be used right away after signing up or saved for later use when making bets on any of the sports or markets that are offered on the website of 4rabet. 

Finally, there are ongoing promos that give customers exclusive discounts or added benefits when they place particular kinds of bets or wagers during specific events or seasons. For instance, a thrilling offer is currently in effect that rewards customers extra when they place accumulator bets with four or more choices during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 season. 


The promotions and bonuses offered at 4rabet are just a few instances of what make it one of the top sportsbooks in India right now. With such generous rewards, it’s simple to understand why so many clients favor 4rabet as their go-to sportsbook.

Sports betting

Customers at 4rabet have access to a sizable sports betting area with a diverse selection of markets and betting options. Customers can wager on a wide range of activities, including hockey, basketball, football, cricket, and more. Customers have the option to wager on eSports competitions like CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends in addition to these well-known activities. 


Customers can choose from a variety of markets for each sport, including match winner bets for individual matches or tournaments and accumulator bets for multiple choices. Additionally, there are choices for handicap betting and draw no bets, which let customers improve their odds of winning by correctly predicting the outcome. Additionally, there are live betting options accessible, allowing customers to wager on games as they are happening. 


Customers at 4rabet can also use their bonuses to their advantage when placing bets in the sportsbook area. For instance, those who register have access to a sign-up bonus, which provides them with additional money as soon as they create an account. Additionally, ongoing promos give customers exclusive discounts or added benefits when they place particular bets or wagers during specific occasions or times of the year. 

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