“I’d rather watch a movie.” Top 5 players who don’t like football


In October 2021, Arsenal defender Ben White, who made £50m, admitted that he doesn’t really like watching football and has never seen Patrick Vieira play. We offer to recall other football players who will not while away the evening watching the most popular game in the world. If you like football, you can bet in 22Bet app TZ

Gareth Bale

Bale, if he likes to play football, only for the Wales national team. We all know that Gareth is a golf lover, but the forward once said that he likes not only playing it, but even watching it. What a boring job, our readers will think, but not Bale.

Carlos Tevez

Tevez loves Boca Juniors and Boca Juniors loves Carlos Tevez, but that’s where the Argentinian’s passion ends. Now it is clear why he moved from Manchester United to Manchester City.

I do not like football. If Barcelona plays against Real Madrid and another channel shows a golf tournament, I will choose golf.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Football brings the German millions of euros a year, but he does not even know the players from the Spanish championship.

People laugh when I tell them that I don’t know anything about football. Sometimes people ask me about some football player, but I have no idea who it is.

However, I know the Examples players by sight, but I definitely have problems with their names.

Gabriel Batistuta

The legend of Fiorentina and the Argentina national team has never hidden that playing in front of crowds of fans chanting his name is just a job. What does a footballer do? Polo.

However, the great striker can be understood, because of football, he underwent an ankle prosthesis operation.

Every time I returned to Argentina for the holidays, my friends invited me to play polo. I was curious, I tried it and I ended up liking it. It’s a hobby, but I always try to improve my level.

Carlos Vela

Not just because the Mexican left Europe. Life in Los Angeles is much more interesting than in London or San Sebastian. And let’s be honest, Vela is definitely less recognized on the streets of the American city than in Europe.

Between a good movie and a good football game, I prefer cinema. I have never supported any of the football clubs.

As soon as the match ends, everything related to this game ends for me. Don’t you dare talk to me about football in my free time!

So, if you meet a football player on the street, then keep in mind that he may not like talking about our favorite game.

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