How Online Casinos Use Digital Marketing

The past decade has brought incredible growth in the online gambling space, with many online casinos expanding rapidlyduring this time. While a range of factors have contributedto this increase, digital marketing has had a huge influence. We look at some of the different ways that online casinoshave used digital marketing over the last decade to achievesuch growth.

Rapid Growth of the Online Gambling Industry

Rewind the clock to the turn of the century, and the online casino industry was barely noticeable, with brick-and-mortarcasinos the dominant force in gambling. joker123

Fast forward to today, however, and the online gambling industry is valued at $63.5 billion, with projections that the market will expand to $153.6 billion over the next eight years. This rapid rise of online casinos has been boosted along by changes in legislation, as well as other advances such as the improvements in internet access and smartphone technology.

However, there is one factor that has had an undeniable impacton the growth of online casinos over the past decade.

For many online casinos, digital marketing has been the rocket fuel that has propelled growth to stratospheric levels.

How Digital Marketing Has Transformed the Image of Casinos

Before digital marketing, what happened behind the doors of a casino was often viewed with a certain image—mysterious, intimidating, unknown.

However, online casinos have successfully leveraged digital marketing to break this image and make gambling lessmysterious and intimidating. For example, one of the best online casino, Casumo, uses social media as an effective form of digital marketing. By connecting with customers and prospectivecustomers on social media, an online casino such as Casumo is able to successfully shift its brand image.

Rather than potential customers not knowing what goes on in an online casino, social media enables online casinos to give a sneak peek behind the scenes. Showcasing different games and prizes helps remove some of the mystique and encourages customers to sign up.

Not only does social media remove some of the unhelpfulimages around casinos, but it also serves as a regularengagement point and reminder that naturally drives traffictowards online casinos.

Content Marketing Has Helped Newbies Access Online Casinos

Another significant way that online casinos have used digital marketing to grow, is through content marketing.

While some forms of marketing are purely to attract eyeballsfrom customers, content marketing seeks to educate and equipreaders, knowing that this will increase business long term. When casinos engage in content marketing, often it looks like teaching prospective customers how to play certain games or showcasing different categories of online games.

For example, online casinos may produce a series of articles on Blackjack. These would teach beginners the rules, outline a range of different strategies, and break down which variation of Blackjack is the best to play. All of this would be helpful to the reader, and also, likely lead them to jumping online and playinga few hands.

Digital marketing has been used by online casinos extensively, and with the industry predicted to more than double by 2030, chances are it will continue to play a critical role in the future too.

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