How And Why Small Businesses Should Consider Digital Marketing


Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Business

The benefits of digital marketing are too numerous to count, and its impact on small businesses cannot be over-emphasized. While traditional marketing uses traditional media to get its message to people, digital marketing uses online platforms like social media, websites, and online forums.

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Characteristically, small businesses don’t have the large marketing war chest of big companies and cannot compete with them in traditional spaces like TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Magazines. Digital marketing has been the cheaper alternative for small businesses for years, and the advantages keep increasing by the day.

Effective Digital Marketing Channels Available for a Small Business

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way we sell our goods and services including the way betting services like lucky 7 casino online operate. With about 622 million internet users in India, the market is large enough for any entrepreneur, new or existing, to take their goods to their target customers, no matter the demographic. Let’s examine some digital media channels available for small businesses;

  • Content Marketing

This is the method of creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent information to attract your target customers to yourself. It must be detailed, well-structured, and relatable for content to convert. Users should not find it unnecessarily lengthy and lacking in details. The right content will always connect your business to its target audience.

  • Video Marketing

Creating attractive and informative content are great ways to increase your online business traffic. However, if you want speedy results, then try using videos. Video marketing is an exciting and entertaining way of advertising.

It is a dominant form of advertising because several people get attracted to videos online. Indian content makers are taking advantage of the love for video content, with several comedy skits and music videos getting hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing involves building a mailing list of potential customers and sending them periodic emails about your business in their inboxes. People tend to buy from you after getting useful emails for a while. Therefore, your email marketing strategy should inform customers of changes in the business or the products and services offered.

  • Social Media Marketing

Marketers who use social media always post useful and engaging content on their social media channels. The goal is to get people to know, like, and trust the brand enough to buy from them in the future. So first, the right social media strategy identifies the best platform to work with. After that, you’d have to optimize the profile to attract more followers. Then, you’d need to provide them with relatable content that interests them and sells the business products and services to them.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Here, online sellers encourage other sellers to sell their products and services for a commission. Notable affiliate marketing companies in India are Flipkart, Admitad, and Bigrock. You can either hire any affiliate marketing brand or partner with them to take your business to a broader audience online.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Small Businesses?

Small businesses often have a low budget for advertising and building a brand from the ground up, which big businesses have mastered. However, digital marketing goes beyond trying to make a quick sale. It helps to give your business a face and a personality that people can befriend, like, and even interact with.

Here are some of the importance of digital marketing.

  • Cost-effective

Digital marketing channels are generally cheaper than traditional channels and reach a wider audience. For example, billboards and newspapers have limited reach and are expensive, but you can spend a fraction of that money online and reach a larger audience. As a result, digital marketing helps businesses do more with little resources.

  • Direct targeting

In digital marketing, analytic tools can help businesses identify customers’ pain points. With this information, brands can focus their marketing efforts directly on their target customers, most likely to buy from them. It also helps customers do business with brands on their terms.

  • Flexible

Digital marketing campaigns can be adjusted anytime if analytics show that it’s not working. Money spent on faulty digital campaigns can be salvaged, making it a darling for small businesses with limited budgets for media campaigns.

  • Measurable

The effects and results of digital marketing activities are easily measurable to see how campaigns are faring. Little things like views, shares, likes, impressions, and website visits show how your campaigns are doing and can help your business make informed decisions going forward.

  • Trust factor

Every business owner dreams of their target customers knowing, trusting, and liking their brand above every competing brand. Digital marketing helps brands achieve this most dynamically. Posting quality content constantly on social media, sending useful periodic emails to target customers, and hosting free video training are ways to earn target customers’ trust.


Small businesses tend to feel lost in the digital marketing space due to the endless opportunities and possibilities. Choosing the right channel or medium may also prove to be intimidating. The solution: Studying the available channels and knowing how best to navigate the digital media space is a sure way to succeed online.

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