Betting-Sites : Online Betting Guide, Live and Mobile Betting

In this guide, you’ll learn about online betting and the best online betting platforms for both mobile and desktop. Each site has its own advantages to suit your needs. This article provides quick details about each site with their pros and cons listed for reference.

Galera Bet Casino brings an extra layer of excitement to sports betting with its in-play betting feature. This allows bettors to make informed decisions and place bets on live action, adding a strategic component to the betting experience.

In addition to this guide, we also have a more general overview of how to bet online. There is also an infographic listing some of the most in-demand sports markets in the world today. We recommend reading our list of other popular sports competitions before entering your first bet – it’s too easy not to risk it all just because you want a fun night out! Good luck!

Betting Sites in India – What Is It Like?

Betting in India has been legal since 2001, and there are an increasing number of opportunities for Indian bettors. Many of the popular and legal betting sites are owned by Indian bookmakers, and they release offers particularly aimed at attracting bets from India.

India’s cricketers have a strong following on betting sites because cricket is a national passion; the annual Indian Premier League cricket competition is viewed by millions of people, who place bets online every year. The online sports book Pinnacle offers odds on 350 different sporting events. Sports like cricket are more popular than soccer in India, though soccer bets are common too.

Cricket Betting Sites: Legal View of Online Betting in India

Some of the most popular sports are fully legal, with mobile bets available or even available in mobile app form. Cricket betting sites like everywhere offer online on wagers on games played by recognized teams and national teams such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It is possible to bet for all major sporting events that are not part of any recognized tournament or league, including badminton, cricket, football (soccer), golf and tennis.

Football Betting Sites for India

The chief professional football league in India is the I-League, which draws support from Kolkata and Goa. The ISL (Indian Super League) was a new league established in 2014. It was launched in an attempt to rival the Indian Premier League in cricket and become a major sporting event within India.

The most successful national football team to compete internationally is the national football team of India, also called Team Melli. It has been ranked as high as 96th by FIFA and participated at all of the FIFA World Cups since 1950, along with all 19 AFC Asian Cup tournaments since 1964.

Betting with Betting-Sites Guide 

There are many online betting sites. The three listed below all offer mobile options.

  1. Bet365

 One of the most popular betting sites for Asia has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS devices and does not charge any fees for placing bets using mobile devices. It offers the full range of sporting events and the best odds in India, with reduced limits on some bets depending on the sport and event, deals on new customers and offers on monthly returns.


– Provides users with a wider range of events to bet on, as well as a mobile betting app. The site has been trusted by Asian bettors since 1998 and operates legally in India. It offers live betting, which means that bets can be placed throughout an event. Users can place bets within minutes of a game or match finishing (or before). 10CRIC offers reduced limits for the first month, but these are only available to new users and are valid from date of sign-up.


 This site is designed to be simple and easy to use, offering all the most popular events, complete with live betting. It offers all relevant markets for the major sports and has a mobile betting app available.

  1. 22BET 

 Established in 2009 and based in the United Kingdom, this site has a range of events attractive to users in Asia. It is possible to bet on every major sporting event and all the international matches.

Betting Tips on Betting-Sites 


The best place for Asian bettors to start is with the guide Sports betting – The complete guide. To help you get started with your first bet, here are a few sports betting tips.


  1. Look for tips on the sport you want to wager on or at least be prepared with some information about the sport before placing your bet. This will help you make an informed decision about which bookmakers to go for and if any special offers apply to your first bet.


  1. Make sure the bookmakers you choose offer odds that are attractive and worth gambling on.


  1. Make sure the online betting platform you go with offers live betting. This means that bets can be placed before or during a match or event, depending on the sport.


  1. If you want to get involved but don’t have time to read every betting tip, this guide will help you make sense of it all in a highly readable format: Sports betting – The complete guide for beginners.


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