7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go for Low-Price Inverters

Be it peak summer or severe winter, there will be a lasting need for inverters in case of prolonged power cuts. It’s, in fact, impossible to go about daily tasks without a sound power backup system in place. This is because we need at least one light and a fan to follow our daily schedule, which may involve household chores, working from home, and others.  

A low-price inverter cannot fulfil this dependency on electricity. We need an excellent inverter battery set, which can be slightly expensive because of its features and specifications, to go about our routine without worrying.

Now that we have laid down the foundation as to why you shouldn’t go for low-price inverters, let’s look at the top seven reasons for a detailed understanding of why investing in a good inverter battery duo is important:

1. The Efficiency of Inverter

Low-priced inverters are usually less efficient because of the old and redundant technology they use. We ascertain the efficiency of an inverter based on the conversion of DC power into AC output. As the quality deteriorates, more losses are noted in conversion.  

In this regard, high-quality sine wave inverters such as those built by Luminous are 90-95% efficient and help in cost savings on the electricity bill and electric bill calculator.

Safety and Number of Appliances

The quality of the inverter you need depends not only on the number of appliances you wish to run during a power outage. Your choice of inverter should also be dictated by your need to keep them safe and running for longer.  

Low-priced inverters, because of low-quality material and low power ratings (denoted by VA rating), are unsuitable for appliances like television and may cause heavy damage to expensive electrical appliances.

3. Reduced Noise in Electrical Appliances


We often get to know the appliance (fan, TV, fax, answering machines, fluorescent lights, and others) is running on an inverter from the sound it generates. It is because the power backup system is not using pure sine waves. These waves also prevent crashes and glitches in computers. Low-price inverters don’t usually have pure sine wave technology.

4. Ability to Recharge Quickly

For critical applications at home or in a commercial place, you will need an inverter with a quick-recharging capacity. A turbocharging option that mostly comes with high-end inverter battery combos makes them more reliable when there are frequent power outages.

5. Multiple Uses

If you wish to use your inverter in more ways than one, purchase the one on the slightly higher side of the price bracket. We say this because they are multipurpose. For example, if you avoid buying a low-price inverter, you don’t need a separate inverter for your desktop computer. Purchase a pure sine wave inverter such as those made by Luminous for their multi-functionality.

6. Output Wave

Sine waves support all appliances and give better power backup in times of power failure. These may be slightly expensive compared to square waves but are more sustainable and help save electricity bills.

If you want to buy an inverter for the longer run, you must invest in something safe, sturdy, and made using advanced technology. However, you must also remember not to constantly put a heavy load on it and ensure you are minimizing its usage to a certain number of hours.    

Those looking to buy an advanced technology-based, multipurpose, and higher power rating inverter, must visit the Luminous website. Their extensive range of top-notch inverters and inverter batteries is best suited for your requirements.  

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