Amazing Tips on How to Become A Top FIFA Player


EA Canada developed the long-running football game FIFA 23 EA Sports, the next installment in the series that you can play. The soccer simulation occurs during the 2022-2023 season in the Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga, among other elite leagues. Taking into account all your knowledge of the game, can you make your Champions League predictions of being part of the FIFA 23 EA Sports?


Have difficulty winning games in FIFA 23, or want to outscore your friends and competitors? Follow our expert advice to improve your performance.

Avoid Through Balls

In FIFA, through balls are aesthetically pleasing. The most rewarding thing is breaking through the lines by threading a pass just ahead of your opponent for you to run onto and score on. You cannot, however, make it a habit to use them in the final third.


There are a few exceptions, but the 18-yard box typically has the smallest amount of space on the field. You cannot strike Triangle/Y because there is insufficient space, so you must pass. Through balls, create space where none exists, but passing is significantly more accurate.


How many times did Kevin De Bruyne pass a through ball to Haaland in the box? When there is insufficient space, he uses his feet. Even though this information is fundamental, it is crucial to remember it.

Don’t Overlook Tactics and Formations

The optimal FIFA 23 formation is the one that complements your playing style and the chosen team. You cannot play a three-at-the-back formation with only two excellent center-backs, nor can you play a four-at-the-back formation without right-wingers.


Choose a configuration that works for you, and if it does, keep it. Because players will not be where you expect them to be, it won’t be easy to make good decisions when you have the ball if the formation is altered too frequently.


Instead of altering your formation, you should adapt your custom tactics to your desired playing style. Like counterattacking and entering the area? Change your attack style to Fast Build Up. Frequently, fast forwards reveal what is occurring in the rear. Reduce the importance of Defensive Depth.


It would help if you also created your custom strategies so that pressing the D-Pad to the left to switch to Defensive or Ultra Defensive causes your defenders to drop deeper and not press as high up the field, allowing you to maintain your lead. 


Similarly, the two attacking options should adjust their offensive depth and level of pressure according to the situation. They should also place additional individuals in the box to assist with crosses. This is similar to Champions League predictions today, where tactics and formations are crucial.

Don’t Overlook Freekicks

Free kicks can be intimidating, especially if you are still learning the game. They are easy to beat or direct right at the goaltender, making it simple for him to make a stop.


To practice free kicks, select Set Pieces from the Skill Games section of the main menu. Then, complete all of the simple and moderate ones. The subsequent kicks will be free kicks for practicing knuckleballs, in-swingers, lay-up shots, and other skills.

Make A Dash For it When There’s A Chance.

These are the two new ways to attack in FIFA 21, and if used correctly, they can provide a significant tactical advantage. You may anticipate that the most refined players will utilize these tools frequently to seize control of the game. 


Activating Agile Dribbling requires pressing RB/R1. The controlling player will maintain the ball near their body while waiting for the optimal moment to knock it past their opponent and run. 


For Creative Runs, press LB/L1 followed by a right stick flick. No longer must you rely on AI to pick the optimal course for your runners. Instead, you can now direct them to a specific location. With these two modifications, the final third of the game gives you more control than ever before, which can assist you in achieving your objective if you are strategic.

Utilize Low Crosses on Counterattacks

Your opponent gained possession of the ball, and you have another wide player in front of the opposing defensive line. What’s the next step?


The full-backs of Liverpool and the midfielders of Manchester City win games by blasting balls into the opponent’s area. However, there is more to just clearing balls and building up for counterattacks. Most of the time, putting the ball inside the box is more reliable and practical when the ball is struck low.


As you explore Champions League picks, ensure R1/RB is utilized to strike the cross hard and low, particularly during counterattacks, as a standard cross would float in the air and allow the opposing defense to sprint back and attack the ball.


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