Sweet Bonanza game rules

Rules of the game Sweet Bonanza

Slot machine Sweet Bonanza – a slot that quickly gained popularity among gambling fans, thanks to its creative approach and bright design. The game offers players a deep dive into the world of sweets and fruits, where each spin can be the key to a big win and play can be on the site fun88 india.

When and who released the slot?

Sweet Bonanza slot machine was created and released by Pragmatic Play, one of the leaders in the industry of developing games for online casinos. This slot saw the light of day in 2019 and immediately attracted attention with its unconventional approach to the formation of winning combinations and unique game mechanics.

The creators clearly decided to move away from the classic concept of slots and offer players something completely new, combining bright graphics, interesting bonuses and big multipliers in one game. This approach worked: Sweet Bonanza quickly became one of the most popular games in Pragmatic Play’s portfolio.

Many people also wanted to top up their casino offerings with promotions related to this game. This is why you can now often find a deposit bonus and other promotions, such as freespins, that are geared towards Sweet Bonanza!

The main interface of the game

Sweet Bonanza amazes with its bright and appetizing graphics. The interface of the game is simple and intuitive even for newcomers to the world of slots.

When you start the slot before the player reveals a field of 6×5 cells, filled with a variety of sweets and fruits. At the bottom of the screen there is a control panel, where the player can choose the size of the bet, start automatic rotation or open the payout table. The panel also displays the player’s current balance, the last win and the total bet size.

Symbols and their meaning

Sweet Bonanza offers players a variety of symbols, each of which has its own specific meaning. Let’s take a look at each of them and find out what they can bring.

Simple symbols

Heart-shaped barberry: in certain combinations can multiply your bet up to 50 times.
Purple currant candy: multiplies your bet up to 25 times.
Green apple candy: with the right combination can increase your bet up to 15 times.
Blueberry Blue Lollipop: multiplies your bet up to 12 times.
Apple: gives you the opportunity to increase your bet up to 10 times.
Plum: can multiply your bet up to 8 times.
Watermelon: increases your bet up to 5 times.
Grapes: multiplies your bet up to 4 times.
Banana: brings multiplying your bet up to 2 times.

There are no clear win lines in Sweet Bonanza. Everything depends on the number of identical symbols on the playing field. The more of them, the more payout you will get. All payouts in the slot start from 8 symbols on the field, the maximum winnings – starts from 12 or more symbols on the field. It is quite large, so it is very possible to win money, especially when activating bonuses.

The basic rules of the game

Sweet Bonanza is a slot that uses a falling symbol system rather than traditional spinning reels. This means that when winning combinations are formed, symbols disappear and new symbols fall from above, creating additional chances to win.


Players can choose the size of their bet before each spin begins. At most online casinos, the betting range varies, but usually starts at a small amount like $0.20 and can go up to $100 per spin.

Winning combinations

To get a win, players need to collect a combination of 8 or more of the same symbols on the playing field. They can be placed anywhere, not necessarily next to each other or in a certain order.

Buying Bonuses

As mentioned, players can buy freespins by activating this feature. This allows the player to skip waiting for a bonus symbol and immediately get freespins for a certain amount.


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