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Poker Hand Sequences Chart: Key Information

Poker Hand Sequences Chart: Key Information

At the table, understanding the poker hand rankings is vital.

The Poker hand rankings quantify the relative strength of the various possible hands and are a crucial decision-making aid during play.

A standard poker hand rating system is used to identify the relative strength of distinct poker hand types, allowing players to choose the best hand.

The following is a article on Poker card rankingsas well as a chart you may save to your phone for reference.

  • Royal pair

From greatest to worst, the poker hand rankings

  • Straight flush

The royal flush is the best possible poker hand, according to poker hand rankings. It comprises five consecutive cards of the same suit arranged from 10 to ace in ascending order.

  • Direct flush

Only a royal flush qualifies as a straight flush: any five successive hands of same value that really are all the same suit. Any combination of cards having a higher aggregate value, such as the royal flush, may overcome it.

  • Four straight aces

a single card that appears in each of the four suits. Put the highest card you have in your hand or on the table into your five-card hand to complete it.

  • Complete set

Three identical cards of various suits (three of a kind) plus two identical pairs of cards of different suits. When many players hold a full house, the winning hand is the highest-valued three-of-a-kind.

  • Flush

The dealer places 5 hands of same suit face down, in whatever order they choose. If there are two major players with flushes, such hands are regarded to be winning hands.

  • In a straight line

Five cards with a number sequence and several suits. Rarely can an ace be both high (rating higher than a king) and low (ranking lower than a 2) in the same hand.

  • Three identicals

Three similar cards with different suits. Completing the hand with the two highest available cards other than the three-of-a-kind.

  • Eight  pairs

Two separate pairs of cards with the same rank. The hand is finished with the remaining card with the highest value.

  • Pair

Two similar cards of different suits. The remaining cards in the hand are the three highest-ranking accessible cards.

  • Deck of cards

The hand with the lowest rating among the others. Your “best hand” consists of the top cards. In this case, it is the king of spades

In the meanwhile, you may utilise our poker hand rankings cheat sheet for both offline and online poker tournaments by downloading it to your computer or mobile device and consulting it while playing poker.

It is vital to remember that the poker card rankings are not employed to determine the winning hand in all forms of the game. In most poker games, the best potential hand is decided by one of three poker hand rankings.


How to play texas holdem has many advantageous while playing poker. Because they are difficult to get, Royal Flush, Straight Flush, and Four-of-a-Kind are rare hands in poker tournaments.

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