Is it Important To Solve UPSC Previous Year Paper?

UPSC’s Previous year’s question papers are an essential part of the preparation. Candidates should keep solving the recent year’s papers that help them to understand question trends, topic wise weightage, etc. If your mind has queries like How To Become an IAS Officer and the tips and tricks suggested by the toppers, then this blog will surely help you. Having complete knowledge of the syllabus, all sets of books, and expert mentorship, can not replace the importance of recent year papers. It will give you an advantage in comparison to other students. As a UPSC aspirant, you should have a strategy.

Below we have mentioned the benefits of solving last year’s question papers and the ace tips for becoming an IAS officer.

Advantages of Solving Previous Year Question Paper

Candidates solve UPSC Previous Year Question Papers to test their preparation before they actually attempt the exam. Doing practice is not the only reason behind answering the paper, but there are a few more advantages you will get as an aspirant. Many of you won’t believe it, but it is true that UPSC repeats questions in some subjects. Check the benefits mentioned below.

IAS Exam Pattern Knowledge: You will sit in the most competitive civil services exam, so even a small advantage can play an important role. Knowing exam patterns may sound like basic information, but it will help you drive your preparation. Things like topic weightage and marking system are mandatory to know.
Paper pattern: The question type, nature, & format are essential information. It helps candidates to answer the question more efficiently. Whether you are attempting MCQs in the Prelims exam or subjective type questions in the mains exam, where you need to write 250 words answers.
Latest Trends of Questions: When it comes to solving current affairs questions or general studies papers that include various topics, it is important to know the latest trends of questions that are getting asked in the exam. 
Practice – You have done your preparation and now solving the question paper of the last few years. It helps you to do self-evaluation and let you find your weakness.  
Preparation Strategy- You know your weakness. Now, in the next step, prepare a strategy for this. Choose ideal books and prepare notes. At last, do as much as revision so you can have your concepts clear for a topic.

Teachers and toppers always suggest that you keep solving previous year’s problems to prepare mentally for the exam. Practicing recent years’ question papers will let you know the nature and trends of the questions asked last year. Also, you will learn about your strengths and weakness.

Tips to Become an IAS Officer

The most decorated civil services job comes with so many powers and responsibilities. You have to be mentally fit to make decisions that develop your region. To be an IAS officer, follow the steps mentioned below with 100% dedication.

Start As early as you can
Use your free time to study the syllabus of UPSC.
Note down the strength and weaknesses related to the exam syllabus.
Spend more time on your weak points.
Keep eyes on current affairs and relevant topics. (You can use The Hindu News Paper or any other magazines).
Attempt mock tests on a regular basis.
Solve previous year’s question papers.   


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