Features to Look for in an Investment App: Security, Tools, and Support

Anything that we determine to use in our lives frequently requires a thoughtful and considerate decision. We need to consider its use cases, security, customer support, and user experience and compare it with various similar options available in the market. This is also the case with an investment app. You will be using an investment app for a long time. The investment app will be used for your investments in equities, bonds, government securities, and mutual funds. 

Here are some non-negotiable features to look for in an investment app: 

– Smooth UI

– Ease and warm user-experience 

– Important disclosures, information wherever necessary 

– Security features like 2-FA and other features like that 

– Understanding, quick, and seamless customer support 

– Useful integrations 

Now let us dive deep into the various features that one looks for in an investment app: 

  1. Smooth UI: 

An investment app needs to have a smooth UI. It should be lag-free. A minor lag can cause financial losses to its users. It has happened in the case of newer trading platforms recently. 

  1. Easy and  user experience: 

An aesthetically pleasing -looking app is good for first impressions. However, user retention does not just happen with a cool-looking app. A good experience can not only help you invest regularly but also get you eager to learn about investing and money management. 

This includes the onboarding experience, the day-to-day usage, the mapping of key buttons, and even some of the in-app communications that allow the user to have confidence in your product. 

  1. Important guides : 

Something like subtle hints about how trading carries inevitable risk is an important notice or a public safety announcement. It highlights the need for investor education and awareness about it and sheds light on how an uninformed trader can lose a lot of money if something goes wrong. 

This is an integral part of marketing and communication which should be made a priority by the investment app. 

  1. Robust security: 

In this digital era, having robust security is the need of the hour. With transactions happening time and time again and cybersecurity risks and scams on the rise, it is imperative that security of the user’s sensitive personal information, transaction details, portfolios, and important documents stay secure. 

Having key authenticators, 2-factor authentication, and other features are important. 

  1. Responsible and understanding customer support team: 

When it comes to investment, people have a certain fear involved if something goes wrong. An agile customer team which helps you in resolving your queries and understanding your problems is the one you should look out for. 

  1. Useful integrations: 

An investment app may not have it all, but if it has integrations with tools that you can use, then it can help you trade, invest, and generate wealth responsibly and seamlessly. 

Integrations make an app more rounded, just like how a rider makes an insurance policy rounded. 

There are a plethora of investment platforms available in the market. Knowing the features that are needed will help you choose the platform of your choice. 

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