4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Car’s Flywheel

Car owners many times ignore the small problems related to flywheels. When it comes to the smooth running of the car then the proper function of the flywheel is very important. If it will not work properly then your car will not run and can stop also. So, if you notice that your car’s flywheel is worn out then you must replace it. The flywheel can be easily purchased from https://boodmo.com/catalog/4105-flywheel/ at reasonable rates. Moreover, in this post, we are giving you details about the flywheel as well as a list of signs that shows the need to change the flywheel.

# What is Flywheel?

A flywheel is a disc in rotating form that works for storing energy. This mechanical device stores energy by spinning around its axis and is connected to the crankshaft. In cases where the engine torque is irregular, the flywheel will increase this with the rotational energy stored by it. The faster the flywheel will spin, the more energy it will store and use to power the car or vehicles. These flywheels are found in manual transmission cars whereas cars with automatic transmissions use a flex plate in place of a flywheel. Besides, flywheels are used in several other applications such as generating electric power, wind turbines, and others.

A flywheel, in an internal combustion engine, is an important section of the clutch assembly. Also, the flywheel makes sure that the clutch of the car functions in the proper manner when the driver uses the clutch by giving a smooth power delivery.

# 4 signs to change the car’s flywheel :

If you are seeing some changes in the performance of your car then it may indicate a problem with your flywheel. The various signs of a bad flywheel are given below. In case, you feel the need to replace the flywheel then you can buy them online from Boodmo

1.    Difficulty in changing the gears –

If the flywheel of a car is failing then it can be hard to drive as well as changing the gears become difficult. This is due to the reason the clutch plate is not separate from the flywheel effectively when a driver presses the clutch pedal. Although there can be some other reasons also behind the failed movement of the clutch plate, but you must not ignore the flywheel in this case.

Moreover, if this is happening because of the flywheel then it may be possible that it is damaged or cracked. At higher speeds, the damaged or cracked flywheel will distort to some extent and can cause difficulties in changing the gears.

2.    Slipping Gears –

Many times the gears slip when the driver tries to change the gears. There can be many reasons behind it but may also happen due to the problem with the clutch pressure plate and flywheel. In most cases, a damaged flywheel will cause the clutch friction disc to wear out promptly and unable to produce the required torque for keeping the gears from slipping.

Thus, if you are experiencing the gear slippage problem, then it is very essential to replace the flywheel as soon as possible. You can buy it from Boodmo and if you don’t replace them soon then it may damage the gears.

3.Burning Smell and rattling sounds –

Another symptom of a warped flywheel is a burning smell and rattling sounds. You can notice this burning smell from beneath your car particularly when the car is going up a steep hill slowly, under load, or when reversing slowly. This burning smell is generated because of clutch plate friction material.

The material gets damaged because it slips against the flywheel’s surface. Additionally, if the flywheel is damaged then the plate will slip as well as wear away. This results in total failure of the clutch of your car.

Apart from this, due to the problem in the flywheel and the manner it is interacting with the clutch plate, it is simply predictable that there will be rattling noises. This is because of the speed at which all these parts make their movement.

4.    Vibration in Clutch Pedal –

Many times you may also notice a vibration in the clutch pedal. This can be due to the worn clutch plate that is unable to sit at an even level against the flywheel. It gets worse when you change gears. Furthermore, one more reason for vibrating clutch pedal is that the damaged flywheel is placing very much stress on the clutch.

# Final Words :

If there is a problem in a flywheel then it can leave you stranded, damage various clutch parts, crankshaft, and in some cases damage the engine as well. So, it’s better to replace them as soon as you find the problem and if you are looking to buy flywheels online then you can search for them at Boodmo. Hence, we hope after going through this post, you will understand well about the signs or symptoms of a bad flywheel.

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